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Tang Yang

Tang is a university intern spending her summer semester working with CARITAS For Children's Uganda child sponsorship programs before completing her senior year. She is studying social work.

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Girls in CARITAS Child Sponsorship Programs Earn Honored Posts

Posted by Tang Yang on Aug 30, 2016 4:44:52 PM

Alex, another intern, and I went to the Stella Maris Primary School campus in Nkokonjeru to seek out three girls sponsored through CARITAS’ child sponsorship programs who had been named to hold an honored post among students, that of a prefect. We spoke with Bridget Kevin, Primary 5; Judith, Primary 6; and Ritah, Primary 7. Bridget is 10 years old and Judith and Ritah are 12 years old. They explained the role of a prefect and how the three of them came to serve in this capacity. Our conversation follows in a question and answer format.

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Visiting Day in Child Sponsorship Programs

Posted by Tang Yang on Jul 26, 2016 9:58:55 AM

Once every term, Visiting Day is held at Stella Maris Primary and Secondary School in Nkokonjeru, Uganda. The day starts in the morning and continues until the early evening. The girls wear their special striped uniform that they usually wear only on Sundays. However, visiting day is a special day and an exception is made.

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Drumming and Dancing in Child Sponsorship Programs

Posted by Tang Yang on Jul 1, 2016 3:16:04 PM

I saw a different side of my students today. I tutor a group of 11 third graders from St. Alphonus Demonstration School in Nkokonjeru, Uganda three times a week. We were moved to a different classroom since the library, our usual spot, was taken up by a meeting. In this particular classroom there were straw tie skirts and several drums standing in the corner. My students put on the skirts, handed me a skirt, and grabbed the drums. Some of the boys began drumming while the rest of the class danced and sang. One boy, Ivan, led the class in singing a song in Lugandan while he danced.

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Contagious Smiles in Ugandan Child Sponsorship Programs

Posted by Tang Yang on Jun 14, 2016 10:47:33 AM

While working for CARITAS For Children in Uganda, I'll be tutoring a group of students from St. Alphonsus, a primary day school here in Nkokonjeru. Just in time for the beginning of Term Two, the other interns and I are rested, adjusted to the time change and the new environment and eager to get to work. I have a group of eleven students from Primary Three class, six boys and five girls. Three girls in my group attend St. Alphonsus through CARITAS’ child sponsorship programs.

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First Impressions of Uganda with CARITAS' Child Sponsorship Programs

Posted by Tang Yang on Jun 3, 2016 12:48:11 PM

This is the first post from one of our newest interns, Tang Yang, a university student working for CARITAS For Children’s Uganda child sponsorship programs for her summer semester.

It is currently 4 a.m. in Nkokonjeru, Uganda. I'm laying here exhausted from the 30-plus hours it took to get here but I can't fall asleep. I can't say much about Uganda right now since it is barely day one here. However, I do want to write about what I've experienced so far in the past 10 hours.

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