Faith Bound

God's Call to Action

Posted by Brian Hey, OFS on Sep 7, 2016 3:19:34 PM

We can see God’s call to action fulfilled when we consider the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi teaching youngsters in CARITAS’ Catholic child sponsorship programs in Uganda on a daily basis. Children are liberated when they receive an education and the sisters bring that freedom to the children.primary_one.jpgChildren attending St. Alphonsus Demonstration School in Uganda, one of the schools participating in CARITAS' Catholic child sponsorship programs. Headmistress of the school, Sister Harriet, LSOSF, stands in the background.

These formative years that the children are experiencing have important educational motivations. These years serve as the foundation on which they’ll build their future. Whether they are 7 or 14-years-old, these Ugandan children have growing needs that need developing.

As people of faith we are not sitting, praying, contemplating, and then sleeping, waiting for something to awaken us from our slumber. Rather, our contemplation should lead to action. Francine Gikow, OFS, in her article Meditation Must Give Rise to Action quotes Francisco de Osuna, OFM: “Do not think of it sufficient to follow Him with your imagination by meditating on His life and the mysteries, for if your actions do not correspond to your thoughts, you are not a true follower of Him.”

We will witness the results of our actions through the prayers that we act upon. What the future holds for the children in need to whom we open our hearts, we will witness in return. We are awakened to the value of action and putting our words into deeds. The children’s faith and their communities will be strengthened as they are supported to learn in the classroom. We learn with Christ as we follow the sisters and children learning and being together. Gikow concludes, “I pray that I can act when I discern a better way of being and doing . . . and loving.”

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