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Immaculate, Daphine, and Benitah

Posted by Samantha Slimmer on Mar 11, 2014 12:14:00 PM

The girls at Stella Maris Boarding School recently had their midterm exams in preparation for Guardian Visitation on March 16th. While I do not know all the results, so far I have heard that they did very well. When their parents, caretakers, and guardians come, they will have the chance to meet with the teachers, look over their progress reports, and then spend the day with the girls. My students are very excited for me to meet their parents and continuously check that I will in fact show up for the visitation.

Since this is their midterm, it also means that I am halfway finished with my internship. Never have I felt so close to people in just six weeks. I make sure I am available for them during their free time and everyday as I’m leaving I usually get at least twenty hugs and at least a few girls say “Teacher, promise to come back tomorrow?” This past week, three of my girls, all who happen to be CARITAS girls (Immaculate is not sponsored yet) have been very adamant about spending all their free time with me.



Immaculate is in my Primary Four class and was extremely shy when I first met her but has since become extremely open. Every time I see her, she bolts towards me with arms wide open, making me prepare for a giant “Immaculate hug.” When I was talking with a group of my Primary Four Members about leaving, Immaculate said in a serious tone, “Teacher, I’m going to ask my mom for permission to go to the United States with you. I’m the youngest so she will say yes.” Immaculate said this with such strong conviction that it partially broke my heart as I know I can not take her with me but it was also impossible not to smile at her determination and courage. She is such a sweet girl so it is always surprising when she is so bold.

Daphine is in my Primary Three class and is one of the friendliest girls I have ever met. She always welcomes me with a warm greeting and asks me about my day. Her birthday is coming up at the end of March and so she decided to write a letter to her sponsor. I did not read it as she had crafted a sealed envelope around it but she made it sound very important. She told me that she wants her sponsor to remember that it’s her birthday. After I took her letter, she asked me about the status of it every time I saw her by saying “Teacher Samantha, is my letter on the plane yet?”

When I could finally tell her that her letter was in the United States, I got the best smile ever (if only I had my camera!) Daphine has many stories to tell. One day she had a sore throat but that did not stop her from entertaining the group; however, as soon as she put her head on my lap, she fell fast asleep. I’m happy my friendly and charismatic friend was able to get some rest.


Daphine and her friend Deborah Daphine (right) and her friend Deborah


The last girl that has been very vocal with me these past few weeks is Benitah who is in my Primary Four class. Like Immaculate, Benitah was very quiet in the beginning of the term but has since become very outgoing. A few days ago she told me that if I wanted to stay in Uganda during their break between terms, I could come stay with her and her family. She is a very caring girl. Benititah and few other CARITAS girls have asked me if they could Skype with their sponsors again. I have noticed that the CARITAS girls are so proud to be sponsored. They feel lucky to have someone in the United States who cares about them so deeply.


Benitah Benitah

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