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A Whole New World

Posted by Van Le on Mar 20, 2013 2:28:00 PM

I landed in Entebbe, Uganda on January 30 (East African time). If we fast forward to today, it is March 20 and I have been in Uganda for well over one month. After some initial struggle to adjust my circadian rhythm and obtain decent internet (currently I am surviving on 3.75 G), I started a photo-a-day project on my Facebook album (the only project this speed can support), which I’ll be sharing with you now through this medium. Since I’ll be traveling back in time on this blog, you won’t be caught up with what I’m doing RIGHT now, which could be a really good thing because all the harrowing details will overwhelm you. My hair has grown wilder and more unkempt since my arrival and many, many events have transpired. However with some time and patience, we will catch up to the present moment. I promise. So here goes!

Day .05

I spent my first night in Uganda at the guest house of the sisters at Namilyango Junior Boys' School in the Mukono District because I arrived very late at night. I was told that the road from Entebbe to Nkokonjeru is horrendous and would only be exacerbated by darkness, so this was the best alternative. Immediately, I experienced Ugandan hospitality and am very grateful for it. I ate, bathed, and felt the familiar security of sleeping within the confines of a mosquito net. I felt so safe.

Day 1

Upon waking, I had lunch with Sister Immaculate and she took me a tour of the Boys' School. It was such a beautiful compound and since the boys just returned from their break, they were still suffering from vacation mania. So crazy and funny or as they say here, so "stubborn."

Some of the boys were really interested in my presence thinking that I would be more than a brief visitor. Sad to break it to some of them that I would be leaving for the girls' boarding school, instead. If given the opportunity, I would love to go back to the boys' school for some time. (Just wanted to quickly point out that I had no intention of photographing this boy...he was so sneaky and perfectly centered, too, in his photobomb.)

I love this! I just thought it was insane that there were chickens running around the school. Am I the only one?!

Traffic jams have a whole new meaning here. When they told me the roads were bad, I really didn't expect this. It really makes one grow fond of problems like Chicago potholes. Joseph and I were stuck in this mud jam for almost an hour. There should be a Mariokart terrain called African Jungle. No one can ever win.

My first little friend in Uganda! We were stuck for so long, I took interest in the children nearby.

I think it's safe to say that my first day in Uganda was AWESOME. I loved everything except maybe all the staring, which can get a bit aggravating. When we finally arrived at the CARITAS house in Nsuube, Flavia (our lovely housekeeper) and Prossy (my teaching counterpart) were ready to receive me with hugs and a generous dinner. With jetlag, I didn't sleep, and without internet, I just laid awake listening to the soothing rural nighttime noises. There was also this bird that sounded like a woman being attacked which alarmed me for quite some time, but other than that, it was beautiful.



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